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V 2.0.9
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Ex Astris
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V 2.0.9
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Ex Astris APK is an open-world game where you will explore space. A narrative-driven thriller game. It is a combat game where you are armed with different arsenals to defeat your enemies. Designed by Gryphline, it has a 1GB storage space which will give you amazing graphics. It has an amazing storyline that will attract you to come back and play more until you reach the end of the story. The story in a nutshell is the main character Astris that you will be playing. She will explore the planets to uncover what brought her where she is now.

Created for Android devices this thriller-based combat game has amazing features. Including our solar system where there will be asteroids, different planets, and other celestial bodies. You will also train a team of robotic heroes with exo suits. Based on your rewards you will get all the epic accessories. Playing with team strategy, and having different powers will help you win battles. Your character will be living in a space station with rogue robots trying to defeat you. Get trained and always upgrade your suit and powers to destroy enemies with different powerful skill ranges at every level.

What is Ex Astris APK?

It is a sci-fi-thrilling, story-driven, combat game that will need your strategic skills to finish every level. Designed for players of all ages it is a visually appealing game. You have to work as a team to defeat vile robots and their bosses. Aimed with different powers you have to work your way through to the next level. It will help you move forward with your storyline. You will have the option to choose any three robots from your list of robots to combat. Users will have to choose those robots that will work seamlessly as a team. You can download this game from Litemodapk.com.

With more than a hundred robots to discover you will have an adventurous time playing this game. With diverse combat styles and characters, it will keep you engaged. If your robot movement and skill collection is timed correctly you will win any level. You have to also block and heal at the right time so don’t get defeated by those vile robots. With super-effective combos and legendary robot pairs, it will be a thrilling war zone. With different environmental conditions, it will add more excitement. Continue building your robot army and get the best gear to explore space freely.

Core Features of Ex Astris APK:

The app is designed to satisfy sci-fi fanatics. It is a well-themed game where players are supposed to salvage their space station from the invasion of rogue robots. The game goes with brilliance and remarkable narration, thus it takes you completely to another dimension where things happen beyond your expectations.

Every new level seems flabbergasting and thrilling too. In short, it can keep you engaged without making you bored for a bit. Are you ready to unlock the most interesting and crucial features of the Ex Astris app? So without making further delays here we go!

The unpredictable storyline with an amazing setup and outstanding theme:

The appealing storyline and virtual combat seem utterly realistic in all ways and dynamic duels.

Dive into dynamic battles, team up, and blast with your creativity:

Versatile gameplay with an immersive experience.

Upgrade your skills, characters, and play style:

Featured to ensure complimentary offers.

Unlock distinct characters, each with unique power and excellent speed:

Just click for once and get a diverse selection of characters in a minuscule time

Extensive analysis of each given attribute:

Unpredictable storyline with amazing setup and outstanding theme: Appealing storyline

Once you will open this game, you won’t believe in your eyes, that the entire setup of this virtual game mimics the sci-fi movies of Hollywood. Where we often try to comprehend ourselves as a hero who safeguard humankind from evil. Exactly the same phenomenal scenes are going to happen in this game. From plots to different locations, backgrounds to different scenes, every single aspect seems genuine and realistic. Finally, you have a chance to prove yourself as the best savior of humanity.

Virtual combat seems utterly realistic in all ways:

Experience thrilling fights, use your gaming proficiency, and knock out your antagonists. Be careful about your actions. Minuscule mistakes can lead to unpredictable challenges for your survival. Learn different gaming tactics which include practices like encircle, block, and heel. Apply your strategies according to the right time and demanding situations and outsmart your enemies fluidly.

Dive into dynamic battles, team up, and blast with your creativity:

Versatile gameplay with an immersive experience. Unleash awesome locations, set your plan, and make teams. The game provides you a platform where you can make co-ordinations with other players, and list strategies for quick and big strikes. Working together is no doubt something amazing that keeps you hooked up for hours without making you drained for a moment.

Upgrade your skills, characters, and play style:

Featured to ensure complimentary offers. Are you interested in upgrading your character without investing and endeavoring? Then download this app because it is going to showcase all its splendid attributes at no cost. From different heart-fluttering outfits to a diverse range of heavy gadgets, all can be yours within seconds through this app. All gaming hassles are fixed and you can experience mesmerizing gameplay mechanics at your fingertips. Accessing every attribute by using this game app is like a piece of cake.

Unlock distinct characters each with unique power and excellent speed:

Just click for once and get a diverse selection of characters in a minuscule time.

The Ex Astris APK offers you a chance to unlock diverse ranges of characters. You can’t confront pro players with the same efficiency. As you progress through the game you need to upgrade your level that’s why select powerful and more catalytic characters. In short, all you need to do is first unlock all the avatars and select the best one that fits impeccably according to the demand.

How to download and install the Ex Astris APK?

  1. Download the app from a trusted site.
  2. After that enable unknown sources from settings.
  3. Once downloaded will completely. Locate your zip file and press on it for installation.
  4. After that, the app will be on-screen. Click on it and use it.


Is Ex Astris APK safe to use?

Yes, the app is free of bugs or malware. You can use it without any worry.

Can I use Ex Astris APK on Ios?

Yes, you use them for Android and iOS both.

Does it require a password?

No, the app has no password or username.


The Ex Astris APK is a virtual platform where you can perform a series of experiments without any external stress. Use your tactics to beat obstacles and enemies. Join thrilling battles, and outsmart your enemies with the unbeatable team. Being head of the team makes decisions, sets plans, and executes at the right time. The clock is ticking away, click on the given link and be the next commander of your insurmountable team.

My personal Experience on this software:

As for my opinion, I’d say it’s pretty awesome. I used it myself and I got a lot of new information and goods from it that suited my needs. I would request you also to choose this app and start a journey

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