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Hello Everyone! Nowadays many people in the world play fighting games Like PUBG, ML, and Free Fire Game. If everyone wants to play action games and wants to use all the premium features of FF games, then the post is for you. In Free Fire,  many players do not properly defend the opponent player easily because some players lack resources. So we have decided to share an amazing app that has all the needed resources. This app’s name is Digital Mods 71 Injector and it is an FF game mod that combines the best of first-person shooters, action games, and defense.

Moreover, All Android users easily will use this app. The app offers many new features. This menu mod is designed to make your firearm look and feel different.  It’s also designed so that they look and feel amazing when you shoot them! Some people fear it because they think it is illegal. Many users don’t trust it because they’ve seen people get their accounts banned for using third-party tools in the Free Fire game. Others think it’s nothing but a hoax. But this is not true. This is a rank boost application that gives players many items in online FPS games.

What is Digital Mods 71 Injector APK?

Digital Mods 71 Injector is an Android application. It will give players lots of ammo, resources, and power-ups. Here are many different ways to get gold and Power. These coins and gold are good role-play when you start your gameplay. It has no charges to pay and its interface is very amazing. The app allows you to customize your gun graphics and change the color of your weapon.

By using the VIP app players can easily customize their whole game whether a character or other gun adjutments. This is the best thing about this app and it makes your game very fun! Apart it will give you access to Free Fire games with all their premium features unlocked. Our website did publish some versions of this app. Like Fire Fact 420 Injector but this is the third version of these types of apps. This will enable you to play the full version of the game without paying any money. This will enable you to play the full version of the game without paying any money.

Features of the Digital Mods 71 Injector:

The app is a very simple game it has simple controls. With the help of its amazing features. So you can play this in different types. We are writing these features below you must read it and then play the game.

Aim Bot:

This is an amazing feature of the app because it allows you to aim at any point on the map without using the gyroscope.

Aim Spot:

Here is the aim spot a small red dot that you can aim anywhere on the screen. You can move the target location anywhere on the screen without moving the phone.

Aim FOV:

The app offers a good option, Like an Aim FOV option. This lets you easily change the FOV ground view for your gun. When you have a higher FOV they will make the game more realistic and immersive.

Other Features of Digital Mods 71 Injector:

  • All Bugs are Fix
  • It offers a Smooth AIMBOT
  • It gives Aim Tiro/Mira
  • It provides Anti-Blacklist
  • You easily wall-unlock
  • It offers a Speed booster
  • It gives your game Unlimited Characters
  • It has Night Mode
  • You can see your game by using a Drone camera
  • You can add in-game various Weapons
  • This is a Lightweight APK
  •  No need password
  • Anti-ban APK
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to download


To sum up, If you want to Pro player in the Free Fire game, Digital Mods 71 Injector is just for you. If you want to play challenging games then you try this app. If you play a game with an old gun and you do feel not good in the game, you can also try other types of weapons including laser cannon, flamethrower, and rocket launcher.

By using the app everyone can change their game power settings, which will make the game easier. The app offers many ways to improve your gaming skills.

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